TLANG and ESOL-Research e-seminar 2017

We are very pleased to announce the start of the ESOL-Research Forum e-seminar.

2017 e-seminar: ‘Translanguaging, superdiversity and ESOL’

ESOL-Research email forum

in collaboration with

The AHRC-funded ‘Translation and Translanguaging: Investigating Linguistic and Cultural and Transformation in Superdiverse Wards in Four UK Cities (TLang)’

Monday 23 January 2017 – Friday 10 February 2017

The e-seminar takes as a point of departure materials and two questions for discussion that can be found here:

The password is TLANG

The materials comprise video, audio transcript and fieldnote data from the TLang project as it took place in Leeds.


Dermot Bryers, English for Action, London

Melanie Cooke, King’s College London

Becky Winstanley, Tower Hamlets College, London

ESOL-Research members are invited to join the seminar discussion on the ESOL-Research forum (not on LING-ETHNOG).

The ESOL-Research email forum is the main online site for discussion of matters relating to the teaching and learning of English for Speakers of Other Languages who are migrants to the UK. Membership stands at around 950, and comprises ESOL professionals, academics and others interested in language learning in migration contexts. It is easy to subscribe, and also to unsubscribe, to the ESOL-Research email forum. Please visit and follow the instructions at ‘subscribe/unsubscribe’. If you have any difficulty, please contact the list manager, James Simpson,

The timetable for the seminar is as follows:

23 January: materials for seminar distributed to ESOL-Research members.

30 January: Discussant response distributed to ESOL-Research members.

31 January: seminar opens to ESOL-Research members for contributions to discussion by email. Feel free to respond to one or both of the questions. Your responses can be as long or as short as you wish.

10 February: seminar closes.

Any queries please contact James Simpson, TLang co-investigator, University of Leeds


Sarah Martin, TLang project administrator, University of Birmingham

We very much look forward to the discussion.

James Simpson and the TLang team


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